Illustration of Xilis MicroOrganoSphereTM

About Xilis

Informed Choices. Better Outcomes.

Developed by world-class scientists from the U.S. and Europe, Xilis’ MicroOrganoSphereTM (MOS) technology and Precision Oncology Platform is transforming treatment choices in the clinic and bringing novel therapeutics to patients.


Xilis is developing next-generation technologies to guide precision therapy for cancer patients and accelerate drug discovery and development. MOSTM are microscale tumors that retain structure, genetic alterations, gene expression, immune microenvironment, and histopathology from individual patients. Our MOS platform enables rapid diagnostics for personalized therapy prioritization by predicting patient response, and scalable patient-derived models for high-throughput and immuno-oncology drug discovery.

Precision Oncology

Xilis’ Precision Oncology Platform enables clinicians to make timely treatment decisions by predicting patient treatment response and guiding optimal therapeutic options. The Xilis Precision Oncology Platform and Xilis Response ScoreTM can guide prioritized treatment decisions for oncologists and ensure patients get the right drug at the right time.

Drug Development

The MOSTM technology is transforming cancer drug development by providing an end-to-end patient centric solution. Our breakthrough platform provides cost-effective, high-throughput drug candidate screening, pre-clinical assessment of immuno-oncology drugs, personalized assays to determine patient eligibility for clinical trials, and companion diagnostics to guide patients to newly developed treatments.