Our Values

Our Vision Statement & Mission Statement

Our Vision

Our Mission

The engine of a precision-medicine based healthcare system where effective therapies can be selected for every patient by leveraging scalable, comprehensive, and predictive patient-derived models of disease.

Our predictive and scalable MicroOrganoSphere platform, consisting of accurate biological models and measurements, robotic systems, and AI will be used to 1) provide diagnostics assays that guide cancer patients to the most effective approved treatment, 2) accelerate the development of novel and effective individualized options available to patients, and 3) contribute significantly to improve patient outcomes.

Our Culture

Mission Focused.

Build for everyone, with everyone.

Data-driven Decision Making

Integrity Breeds Integrity; Trust Breeds Trust

At Xilis, we have an unwavering commitment to use our technology, skills, and time to provide patients with transformative new diagnostics and therapeutics. The Xilis team is mission driven by keeping patients and products in mind when making decisions, building for everyone, and connecting with our community.

At Xilis, we strive to become a trusted component of our healthcare industry. Our actions, decisions, and behaviors have an impact on the quality of the work we do, the value of our products to patients, and ultimately on the impact we have on the community. Data, and the integrity that stems from it, needs to guide our every action so we can precisely assess any given situation and make decisions that will most benefit patients.